Jamie Hamilton

Jamie from Ballyclare started racing in 2004.

Town: Ballyclare
Email: N/A
Website: iNtentracing
Debut season: 2004
Current bikes: Aprilia 125cc and Yamaha R6
Dream bike: New R1
2004 Champ pos: 5th in Aprillia challenge cup
Fav road racer: Gary Cowan
Fav S/C racer: Gary Cowan
What you dislike about the clubmans : Not enough tracktime or girls
What you like about the clubmans : The mix of people
What changes (to the clubmans championships) would you like: More publicity for clubmen racers
Aims for 2005: Top 5 in UK’s MRO Aprilia Superteen
Most respected rival: Valentino Rossi
Sponsors Harry Corbett
Ian Marshall
Patrick Woodside
Jami Coates
Robert Marshall
Paul Kelly
Jimmy at Signtech
Misc: Good looking girls,Motocrossing,Any engine,Speed,Rugby