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  1. Homestretch for the international debut of the new Villahermosa Stadium

Just as the old stadium of Villahermosa was bid farewell, from which only its entrance arch remains as a nostalgic memory, the new complex will be inaugurated: with the celebration of the International Meeting Villa de Madrid on 25 August. After installing the lawn, the green tartan, and the deck, the municipal workers are finishing the details these days before their big debut, which will be attended by more than 10,000 spectators.

Chamberíse’s” crater ” closes like this, finally, after eleven years, taking advantage of its wound. The architect Alfonso Cano, of the Cano Lasso studio, made of necessity Virtue and used the hole of 12 meters of depth that left the previous project unfinished to place in it the stands. They are sunk on the ground, so they visually hinder the neighboring homes and avoid the wind against the old stadium.

“Vallehermoso already has his pavement. You are finishing the module and the next week is paint the lines”, reported the president of the Federation of Athletics of Madrid, Isidro Arranz, after a recent visit to the stadium. “They promise that they will improve the bad lawn since the heatwave and that it cannot be properly watered by installing the synthetic,” he said.

  1. This is the real reason why your lesions when you practice running

“The important thing is not the goal, but to enjoy the path.” This phrase sums up the athlete Agustín Rubio, responsible for Tigers Running Club, the key to avoiding injuries during running practice. “It is true that it is a sport with which it evolves and improves much in a short time. And this always makes you want more (faster, more distance) and that it is common for corridors to measure each of their progress. But it is important to put your feet on the ground and apply common sense, have the patience to taste every step and step and not want to jump so fast to the next screen,” he argues.

Most of the injuries occur, he reveals, because the runner wants to progress faster than he should or, what is the same, he is wrong in the amount and intensity of the exercise. “Many starts because a friend runs, and when they start to see some progress, they immediately want to get to the level of runners who have been practicing running for years. Each person is a world, and it is important to be aware of the point from which we started when we started the activity and from there, gradually increase the intensity, but sustainably,” he says.

The expert insists that it is crazy to start running by targeting the imminent participation in a marathon. “We’re not superheroes. The running, if practiced in a balanced way, it is a complete sport that provides health benefits, but if you do crazy things and forget the moderation, remember that it ceases to be a sport of impact and that malpractice can affect the knees, hip or back,” he says. For this reason, to avoid injuries, he insists on the need to progress progressively, burning stages and preparing the body gradually.

  1. A Madrid Marathon of records

Downtown streets became giant tracks running from eight in the morning yesterday. There, a sea of runners paraded, a total of 33,265 from 126 different countries, breaking records of participants and nationalities. The reason was the celebration of the 42nd edition of the Old famous marathon in Madrid, a date that ran along 42 kilometers and to which there was no lack of 9,466 souls. There were two other modalities for the less brave: the half marathon, 21 kilometers, the busiest (15,799) and the shortest: the “10K” (9,466).

Young and not so young (Ricardo Garcia, 86 years old, was one of the biggest) moved the legs and the heart to the rhythm of rock and roll, and with signs and shouts of encouragement from family and friends located throughout the circuit. “You can” “We will, with joy,” “Bravo, guys,” anticipate Isabel Casanova, a spontaneous external to the organization who, megaphone in hand, cheered the crowd, near the finish line, located in the Plaza de Cánovas del Castillo.

“Reflection or bending?

It was an atypical marathon that started on the Paseo de La Castellana, held on a Saturday for today’s election. That made the posters with the candidates for the Government of the nation and the announcements of the sponsors coexist in a strange concoction. To all this, we had to add the reproductions of 42 paintings of the Prado Museum, which wanted to be present in what is now called EDPRock ‘ n ‘ Roll Madrid Marathon 1/2 to commemorate its 200th anniversary. They put a copy in every kilometer. Thus, to symbolize the motivation, they chose Rubens’s “Vulcan “and Titian’s” Sisyphus ” effort. “What if I take this opportunity to reflect on my vote? No, I bend rather, and relax,” joked Pilar Pérez at the obligatory question.

The weather allied with the sports event and caused many tourists to gather on the other side of the fences that marked the tour, surprised by the crowd and the excellent atmosphere. “We left Bogotá on April 4. My boyfriend has run in a month three marathons: the one in Rome (day 7), The One in Paris (14) and now the one in Madrid”, said Karina Martín, a native of Venezuela. Not lied. His shirt was wearing that inscription and the message, ” Waiting for My Champion, Gabriel.” The young woman who emigrated to Colombia could not participate because she suffered from plantar fasciitis.