Rules, Regs and entry forms
Document description File File size
Clubmans rules PDF format Download 43k
National rules PDF format Download 36k
Birrane cup rules PDF format Download 35k
SC championship rules PDF format Download 31k
F1 Sidecar regs PDF format Download 36k
F2 Sidecar regs PDF format Download 36k
General competition rules
MCUI General competition rules
Download 130k
MCI Flags and their meanings Download 46k
MCI Licence application form Download 76k
Regs and Entries 17&18th March ISB Download 36k
Regs and Entries 31st March Clubmans Download 64k
Regs and Entries Cookstown 100 Inside the forum
Regs and Entries NW200 Download 460k
Regs and Entries 8th July Clubmans Download 36k


General downloads
Document description File File size
Getting started
A useful document full of general purpose advise on how to start racing complete with useful contacts etc
Download 110k
iNtentracing at Elvington
A report on iNtentracings trip to Elvington race circuit complete with useful contacts for anyone planning similar trips
Download 102k